Mike Wynnyk and the Blue Line Racing Association from Edmonton, Alberta are a group of hard-core drag racers and law enforcement officers who use racing to connect with the community and promote traffic safety & legal drag racing.  We are honored to be associated with them and appreciate their support for AFCO Racing Products!

Blue Line Racing Association is a nonprofit organization run by a volunteer group of police officers who are all members of the Edmonton Police Service. Blue Line Racing is operated like any other race team and relies on sponsorship funding from community partners. No tax dollars are used to build, maintain or race the cars

Racing in the streets of Canada’s urban centers is a real problem, one that at times claims innocent lives. As members of the Edmonton Police Service, we are concerned about this growing trend in our community. The Street Legal Program evolved as a result of that concern. This program allows our members to get into the community and talk to the racing community using police race-cars as a draw.

Head to their website to learn more! http://bluelineracing.ca/