Introducing AFCO's 81 Series Stock Mount Shocks, designed with our dedicated shock tuners in mind. These gas shocks are ideal for those seeking a stock mount option without the need for extensive and costly equipment to service them. Engineered to fit GM A/G Body Style cars in their original location, the 81 Series shocks boast optimized lengths that maximize compliance with IMCA and other sanctioning bodies' regulations. The AFCO 81 Series Shock is available in both front and rear mount, multiple valving choices, and can be custom built to fit your needs.


  • Designed specifically for Southern Sport Mod, Hobby Stock, and Street
    Stock cars.
  • The new large body front shocks feature a newly designed 44mm piston,
    which reduces fade and minimizes heat buildup. Multiple piston options
    are available, allowing for fine-tuned valving and maximum performance.
  • The shorter front shocks enable you to lower the front end of your
    car, improving stability and control. Additionally, the maximum 21”
    extended-length rear shocks enhance handling and provide better
    forward bite, giving you the competitive advantage needed to cross
    the finish line first.
  • Engineered for GM A/G Body Style cars, the 81 Series shocks offer
    a convenient stock mount option. The optimized lengths ensure
    compliance with regulations set by IMCA and other sanctioning
    bodies. Contact a sales representative to learn more about how the
    81 Series shocks can significantly improve your car’s performance.

Key Features:

  • Shock tuner friendly design.
  • No external fill port required.
  • IMCA Legal; complies with most sanctioning body rules allowing for take-apart shocks.
  • Available with standard or custom valving to meet your specific requirements.
  • Choice between linear or digressive pistons.
  • Optimized lengths for optimal performance.
  • Front shocks feature a large body design to minimize heat and fade.
  • The ½" diameter shock enhances driver feel.
  • Compression available from 0-20.
  • Rebound available from 0-20.

How to Read and Order Your Shocks
To make your selection process easier, here's an example of how to interpret and order your shocks using our part numbering system:

  • Example Part Number: 81-1-3-8
    81 Series, 1 = Front mount, 3 = 3-valve compression, 8 = 8-valve rebound.
  • Example Part Number: 81-2-4-4
    81 Series, 2 = Rear mount, 4 = 4-valve compression, 4 = 4-valve rebound.

At AFCO, we prioritize your needs and offer a range of options to ensure you have the perfect shock for your racing demands. Contact us today to get the right 81 Series Shock for your requirements!

Purchase 81 Series Shocks here: https://www.afcoracing.com/store.aspx?itemid=4254&pagetitle=81-Series

Watch these informational videos about our 81 Series: