Wheelies. They make for really cool drag racing photos! Unfortunately, they're not so cool for going forward and going fast. Let's take a look at what can happen when the car comes down.

  • Front end geometry change.
  • Toe change.
  • Toe-in change.
  • Ball-joint damage.
  • Tie-rod damage.
  • Oil-pan damage.
  • Potential header damage.
  • And more..

In a car that bounces multiple times, we can see 3,4 even 5 hundredths lost in performance. That's why we want to control how the car lands so it doesn't cycle. 

AFCO has been in the market of controlling wheelies with shocks for over 15 years. Throughout the years, horsepower and torque have become easier and easier to come by. This has been both a blessing and a curse. As we have more torque, we'll have more and longer wheelies on heavier vehicles. Competition continues to become more and more intense. Through extensive discussion with customers, we've identified the need to expand on our previous BNC valving. This is where our BNC2 valving comes in. With a wide range of adjustment, we're able to adapt to whatever type of track our customers are running. 

At the AFCO Shock dyno, we can see as we make adjustments the line will increase in resistance. This makes a very consistent build as we provide damping rate all the way through. 

This content is from our BNC2 Valving Series. If you haven't watched the video series, check it out below: