Since 2006, the Veterans Sportsman Alliance (VSA) has been dedicated to helping returning soldiers get re-acclimated into civilian life. Transitioning from military service can be a daunting task; roads previously traveled easily become foreign, social expectations sometimes seem worthless, and emotional trauma can be impossible to shake. The VSA assists in easing this transition by providing these warriors with a place to find fellowship and have fun. In addition, members are often exposed to fishing, shooting sports and other activities that provide them with meaningful memories. The VSA really is more than just a club - it's the best homecoming anyone could ask for.

AFCO is humbled to be involved with organizations that give back. In this case, the VSA Mustang is equipped with AFCO Shocks, front and back, prepared for battle on Auto X tracks or road race events. Recently, we were sent the photos below of a veteran getting to enjoy the VSA Mustang. We think that smile tells it all! Thank you for allowing AFCO to participate!