Circle Track, Drag Racing, Muscle Car and Street Rod, check. Land speed vehicles?  Yep!   At speed, quality matters.   It really does and when you begin with a Plymouth station wagon originally designed for hauling the family around town and decide to go to the salt and go really fast, life just got serious.  Greg Friedrich, owner of Gizmos LLC had been commissioned to build such a vehicle.   But wait, there’s more.   This car has to drive to the salt, make a series of record setting blasts, and drive back home.  Simple right?


When contacted by Greg, we were intrigued at the concept and after a short conversation, we were in!   We built a custom set of aluminum coil over shocks to provide traction and control, mated a set of coils to the package and Greg fitted them to his custom suspension.   Additionally, this beast will be powered by a Hemi and a Jeffco planetary transmission.   Yep, it’s got a Hemi!   When you have to keep it cool, you call AFCO again and a custom radiator, fan & shroud combo gets designed, built, tested and sent to Gizmos for installation.   We know that Hemi will be pounding out the ponies and building heat but we are ready for the task at hand.  “Cool” in many ways.


Debuting at the recent Detroit Autorama, “606” was continually surrounded by fans taking hundreds of pictures and asking nearly as many questions about the build.   Greg and his team were elated at the response and are working on the next step in the process, get to the salt!   At AFCO, we remain humbled by the opportunity to be involved with such a radical project and can’t wait for the team at Gizmo’s to get to stretch her legs on the salt.   Performance has many definitions and through the nearly 4 decades of service to the automotive aftermarket industry, AFCO remains prepared to help you meet your goals and dreams.