Front 7 Inch Stroke Comp 3/Reb 8 Street Stock Spec Shock Series


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Front 7 Inch Stroke Comp 3/Reb 8 Street Stock Spec Shock Series

Front 7 Inch Stroke Comp 3/Reb 8 Street Stock Spec Shock Series Item #: 79-7-3-8

  • The smaller 1/2" (12.7mm) shaft displaces less oil when compressed, giving the shock an added advantage of less rod pressure gain
  • Nickel plating provides an extremely durable finish

The AFCO Street Stock Spec Shock Program is based off AFCO’s popular 71and 74 Series Shocks. With thousands built every year, these shocks have proven to be very consistent, durable, and repeatable. Because each part number uses the same set of components for every production run, and because the performance specifications are consistent and repeatable, this line of shocks is easy to validate by a single dyno test on an approved dyno. This program is an economy platform that is inexpensive to maintain for the racer. The average rebuild cost at the end of the season is $50 for labor, oil, and seals. Should the racer need more extensive service, quick repair services are available from AFCO. Low up-front and maintenance costs, plus rendering the shocks tamper proof to eliminate high customization fees, makes this an ideal platform for cost-conscious racers. Tamper Proof Features:Cover plate prevents access to retaining ring and also prevents gland from being pressed into the body. Cover plate is retained with two tamper proof screws. Screws can only be removed using a serialized key from AFCO.Gland is retained with a round-wire retaining ring. Ring cannot be removed without pressing gland into the body.Only AFCO can create keys and related tamper proof screws. Key design is a pattern exclusive to this program. Key inventory is protected by a unique serial number with access strictly limited to AFCO. Traditional tamper-resistant bits will not work with these screws.

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