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Steel Monotube Shock 86 Series 1/2" (12.7mm) Shaft Base Valve IMCA Legal

Steel Monotube Shock 86 Series 1/2" (12.7mm) Shaft Base Valve IMCA Legal Item #: 86-9-3-3

Shock Stroke Length
Shock Compression
Shock Rebound
  • 1/2” (12.7mm) Ultra strong DURox chrome shaft design
  • Optimized gas reservoir is nearly a half-pound lighter than AFCO 75-78 Series shocks

AFCO is proud to announce the new completely redesigned 85-88 Series Monotube bulb shocks. These shocks have a completely new internal valve design that uses deflective disk technology and all new fully CNC machined pistons that were developed using EMA dyno pressure balancing technology. With two piston options, a highly tunable base valve, and jetted shaft options, AFCO can customize any shock valving for your race car. This shock series comes with a 1/2" shaft for low rod pressure and gain, a smaller, light bulb design for weight reduction and a-arm clearance, nickel plated exterior for durability, and a universal style fill port option to make it IMCA legal or Schrader valve where rules allow. How to read and specify your part number: The first two digits are the shock series (example: 85), the third digit is the stroke length (example: 7), the fourth digit is the compression range (example: 3), the final digit is the rebound range (example: 3). Questions? Contact us at 800-632-2320.

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