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Ball Joint Low-Friction K772 Screw-In Upper Item #: 20034LF

Ball Joint Low-Friction K772 Screw-In Upper
AFCO’s low friction ball joints are designed with 2 ft. lbs. of resistance, the force required to move the stud of the ball joint. Compare this with standard replacement joints, with up to 50 ft. lbs. of resistance.
• Only 2 ft. lbs. of resistance and less bind = lower lap times.
• Improves weight transfer.
• Frees up suspension for more consistent, repeatable chassis tuning.
• Precision-machined to tight tolerances, providing consistent resistance throughout the travel of the ball joint, to deliver consistent performance.
• Road inputs are controlled more effectively by the shock and spring instead of the tire, which improves traction.
• Removes suspension bind and allows shock & spring to have more precise wheel control.
• Meets or exceeds standard ball joint strength.
• Provides more accurate setups during vehicle scaling.
• Lower input steering efforts and faster steering wheel return.
• Extended lengths will raise roll center and improve camber curves.
• Stock appearing.

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