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Metric 3-Piece Spindle Kit Right Side Item #: 34501-R

Metric 3-Piece Spindle Kit Right Side
The 3-piece 1979-Up GM metric spindle is a re-creation of an OEM spec spindle in a newly forged, heat-treated steel design that is both stronger and lighter than the original. The unique three-piece construction provides for fast, convenient and affordable replacement of individual components in the event of a crash. These spindles are IMCA, USMTS, and USRA approved. Works great with our 1979-Up GM metric front brake rotors, bearings, calipers, etc. The “Short Arm Pinto Style” spindle is an adaptation of the above 3-piece metric spindle. It fits the ’79–Up metric hub, calipers and the extended 20038-1 (K6117) lower ball joint. Upper ball joint boss is reamed to 7° to accept the popular 20034 (K772) screw-in ball joint. Steering arm is Pinto length and lowered to help correct bumpsteer.

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