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AT Series Double Adjustable Shocks.

With a team of engineers led by shock expert Jerry Link, AFCO recently introduced the AFCO Technologies (AT) Series of remote-canister, double-adjustable shocks aimed for the dirt late model market.

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The AT Series is AFCO’s premium shock line, using highly refined, high quality parts. An extra-large, yet lightweight canister, with a 42-percent higher gas volume bladder, allows for less rod pressure build-up. The shock comes with a durable .625” shaft. AFCO uses a five-axis CNC machine to create its billet aluminum pistons. New design adjustment needles and seats promote more precise adjustments shock-to-shock. Racer-friendly coil-over adjuster nuts feature a spring-loaded roller detent and pinch-bolt locking system.

Each shock sells for $962.99 and includes piston and needle options, coil-over kit, and customized dyno graphs. To order, call Jerry at 800.632.2320 ext. 6273. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the best shock brands and top race teams throughout my career.  I was able to work with the talented design team at AFCO Technologies and help create a totally new line of high-end, custom built shocks for the oval track market.  Each shock is hand built and personally inspected to ensure maximum performance right out of the gate.” -Jerry Link, AFCO Technologies


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